Athletic Philosophy


SBA's Athletic Development Process Is:


  • Athletic staff members provide inclusive programs and push athletes to develop strong understandings of all factors that may affect performance including technique, tactics, strength and conditioning, injury prevention and recovery, psychological training, and equipment.
  • Athletic staff members provide athletes and parents with annual training and competition programs allowing for broad athletic development, allowing athletes to achieve excellence at every level.
  • Athletic development is focused on the long term, emphasizing ultimate peak performance rather than success at the next competition.



  • Through a myriad of tools, athletic staff member differentiate instruction, training and competition plans to challenge and support the specific needs of individual athletes.
  • Through athlete-centered and community-based programs, athletes are supported in their pursuit of individualized performance-based goals.  



  • Athletic staff members consistently monitors and evaluates athletes’ progress and adapts training tactics as necessary. 
  • Athletic staff members take advantage of the latest, scientifically based methods and tools to ensure that each training and preparation opportunity is as productive and efficient as possible.


SBA’s Athletic Program:
  • Promotes the value of hard work and perseverance by providing every opportunity for athletes to manage skiing’s controllable variables.

  • Emphasizes a positive atmosphere in which student-athletes relish and find joy in overcoming challenge.

  • Stresses long term athletic development through sports science, thoughtful planning and clear communication.

  • Challenges and supports athletes, pushing them beyond what they think they can achieve.