The Campaign to Build Our Future - We Did It...$13 Million


It is with great pleasure and deep gratitude that we announce the conclusion of our Build Our Future Campaign. With $13 million raised in just over two years, this is a major achievement for our entire community. This was a lofty goal and we couldn't have done it without you.

We are now able to complete construction on a new 18,000 square-foot campus located in the Village at Sugar Bowl. Our new home includes:

  • a new academic building designed for 75+ student-athletes housing 8 classrooms (two of which will be state-of-the-art science labs)
  • a co-ed dormitory for 33 student-athletes
  • a joint-use strength and conditioning center in Sugar Bowl Resorts' new Sporthaus.

The new campus will facilitate programmatic improvement providing students and staff with more professional environments in which to live and learn.

To say that this marks an historic moment in the story of Sugar Bowl Academy would be an understatement.  Like the generations before who guaranteed our founding doors would open, you have continued in that same tradition and provided for the next phase in our growth.  When we called, you answered with incredible generosity and we can't express how truly thankful we are that you chose to invest in us.

What does this mean, exactly?

It means ...

... access to the highest caliber academic, training and residential facilities.

... being a part of the first-ever truly ski-in/ski-out ski academy in the U.S.

... we can count on a growing number of quality applicants.

... becoming a greater part of the fabric of the Sugar Bowl community and supporting future stewards of the mountain and Donner Summit.

AND (most importantly)

... that current and future generations of student-athletes will have a new home in which to pursue their academic and athletic dreams.

This project has been the work of countless individuals who gave freely of their time, energy and resources.  We'd like to express our sincere thanks to all who worked and continue to work tirelessly on our behalf, with special thanks to:

  • Sugar Bowl Corporation for their incredible support and collaboration
  • Our Finance, Campus Planning and Capital Campaign Committee members for pouring their hearts and souls into every detail
  • All our donors who made this vision a reality.

As we look ahead, the future is bright--thank you for helping us build it!


Tracy Keller Head, Sugar Bowl Ski Team & Academy

Tracy Keller

Head, Sugar Bowl Ski Team & Academy

John Hommeyer Chair, Board of Trustees

John Hommeyer

Chair, Board of Trustees

Bill Hudson Former Executive Director

Bill Hudson

Former Executive Director