Build Our Future FAQs

What will happen to the Old 40 site?

Sugar Bowl Academy leases the land at the Old 40 site from Union Pacific Railroad and owns the buildings. We will be exploring options for future use of the Old 40 site including: sale of the buildings, use as housing for a Post Graduate program, or staff housing.


How long will it take to develop and build new facilities?

Sugar Bowl Academy will break ground on the new academic building and dormitory during the summer of 2012 and expects an 18-month building period. The expected move-in date is January 2014.


How will Sugar Bowl Academy fund the new campus project?

Sugar Bowl Academy’s new campus project will be primarily through donations from our generous supporters. Borrowing (e.g., a line of credit) and/or debt financing may be considered as the campus comes to fruition.


How will construction of the new facilities impact Sugar Bowl Academy students and staff, as well as Sugar Bowl homeowners?

Access to the new campus site will be independent from access to the Village and the existing classroom site. Sugar Bowl Academy will work closely with Sugar Bowl Corporation’s Planning and Development staff to ensure best management construction practices to minimize impacts on villagers and homeowners. Our practices will be similar to those used at other construction sites in the Village. Modifications to existing classroom spaces will be completed following move-in to the new academic building.


Will the Village Hall be modified for Sugar Bowl Academy’s use?

The Sugar Bowl Ski Team Foundation currently shares ownership of the Village Hall with Sugar Bowl Corporation. The Corporation supports Sugar Bowl Academy’s use of the Village Hall for school-wide assemblies and dining. Modifications to the existing building may be considered as the project takes shape.


Will Sugar Bowl Academy’s new facilities be available to homeowners?

Sugar Bowl Academy’s new campus will be primarily used for students and staff. However, it is important that the SBA campus be a part of the greater Sugar Bowl community, and we will continue to explore shared use possibilities – especially during off peak use.


How much financial aid is available to Sugar Bowl Academy student-athletes?

The Sugar Bowl Ski Team Foundation awards over $275,000 in financial aid annually to deserving SBA student-athletes. Over 45% of our student body receives need-based aid.


What is the organizational structure of the Sugar Bowl Ski Team Foundation and how is it related to Sugar Bowl Corporation?

The Sugar Bowl Ski Team Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, governed by a single Board of Trustees that oversees the Sugar Bowl Ski Team and Sugar Bowl Academy. The Sugar Bowl Ski Team Foundation and Sugar Bowl Corporation are separate entities that support each other in many ways. The Foundation relies on the Corporation to provide facilities that allow us to successfully achieve our mission and the Foundation helps provide vitality to the Village core and is an integral part of the Sugar Bowl community. Sugar Bowl Corporation does not financially subsidize the Foundation.


How is Sugar Bowl Academy’s budget funded?

Sugar Bowl Academy’s budget is primarily funded through tuition revenue. But, like all independent schools, there is a gap between revenues and expenses that must be filled by donations. During the 2010-2011 academic year, our deficit was 21% and our five-year financial plan shows continued reduction down to 11% by the 2015-2016 academic year, consistent with national standards. The Ski Team runs an annual deficit as well. This gap is filled by donations from fundraising efforts.


Will the new campus plan affect tuition?

It is our goal to fund the campus project through donations from fundraising. As with all independent schools, tuition does increase periodically. Historically, our tuition rates have been below that of our benchmark schools. We are currently reviewing our tuition pricing and have a goal over the next five years of bringing tuition closer to our benchmark schools, which include other ski academies in the nation and independent schools in Northern California.


Will the new campus be constructed using environmentally sustainable practices and materials?

Sugar Bowl Academy’s new buildings have been designed to meet LEED certification standards and “green” building practices. Design strategies employed to achieve high efficiency standards include: the use of advanced building envelope assemblies, state of the art window glazing products and energy recovery heating systems designed to drastically reduce heating and maintenance costs.