Campus Life


At the center of Sugar Bowl Academy's mission is a deep commitment to the intellectual, physical, social and emotional development and welfare of each student. Respectful, inspirational and close relationships with adult members of the school community promote grit, grace and courage in students as they strive to become passionate global citizens. The Academy's core values of respect, responsibility and integrity are emphasized in each and every aspect of the SBA experience.

Through a variety of formal and informal activities, the SBA experience develops independent and confident young adults who thrive in its tight-knight community of passionate, highly-motivated skiers striving toward common goals.

Although ski academies will always be considered ‘unconventional,’ it is the eccentricities of Sugar Bowl Academy that make it a priceless learning experience. Where else are students close enough with their teachers or coaches that they share stories, dinners, games, trips and even clothes?
— SBA Alumni