Our Curriculum


Sugar Bowl Academy provides a rigorous academic experience for students who wish to pursue competitive skiing at the highest levels and our daily and yearly academic schedules are therefore designed around the unique needs of skiers. All courses in SBA's curriculum are college-preparatory in nature: small classes -- ranging from 4 to 20 students -- are ambitious in content and method and require significant student involvement outside of class.

Quick Facts:
  • Average Class Size: 8
  • Largest Class Size: 20
  • Smallest Class Size: 3

Graduation Requirements

Sugar Bowl Academy expects students to exhibit the highest academic performance standards. The minimum number of units required for graduation exceeds the minimum entrance requirements for the University of California system and fulfills the NCAA core curriculum requirements for freshman eligibility. The recommended units reflect what is expected by most selective colleges and universities.

In order to graduate from the Academy, a student must have completed at least his/her entire senior year of enrollment at the Academy and must have a minimum G.P.A of 2.00. Only grades earned at the Academy are included in the calculation of student G.P.A. All credits earned at other institutions are shown on the student's transcript. Additionally, students are expected to maintain a 2.00 to continue enrollment at SBA. Freshmen and sophomores are expected to take a course load of at least 18 units, juniors at least 15 units and seniors and PG students at least 12 units in addition to an ongoing senior project. The number of courses required does not include P.E. Students enrolled at SBA in their freshman and sophomore years are normally expected to complete the Visual/Performing Arts and Health requirements by the end of the sophomore year.

Department Minimum Recommended
English 12 units (4 full years)
Mathematics 9 units (3 full years) 12 units
Science 9 units (3 full years) 12 units
Social Science 9 units (3 full years) 12 units
Foreign Language 9 units (3 full years) 12 units
Visual and Performing Arts 3 units (3 full years) 6 units
Health and Wellness 1 unit (1 trimester)
Senior Project 3 units (1 full year)
Physical Education 3 units for each year enrolled at SBA
Experiential Education 1 unit for each year enrolled at SBA
* Students must also complete 9 additional units in any department for elective credit.

Advanced Placement Courses

We encourage all students to consider participation in Advanced Placement classes when they are offered and appropriate. Participation in such classes shows a student's decision to be challenged by the most rigorous curriculum offered by the school. However, because of the skills necessary, admission to AP classes requires teacher permission, and, in some cases a formal application. In order to enroll in an AP course, students must have maintained a year-long average of 90% or higher in the department's previous course and receive the approval of their previous teacher. Students enrolled in AP classes are required to take the appropriate AP Exam in May and should expect the academic load to be heavier and the grading more rigorous than in other courses. 


Senior Project

As a prerequisite for graduation, all SBA seniors are required to complete a year-long senior project. The Senior Project program is designed to be the culminating experience of each student's academic experience at Sugar Bowl Academy. It is a meaningful opportunity for SBA seniors to pursue their personal and academic interests in and outside the classroom. The Senior Project is a unique personal journey in which each student gains an in-depth understanding of a particular subject area through research and real-life learning.



Sugar Bowl offered me numerous AP classes and great preparation for the AP exam, all while never missing a powder day.
— SBA Alumni