Emily Koren

Social Sciences & Spanish Teacher
SBA staff member since 2015

A former radio DJ, farmer, and professional ice hockey player, Emily spent the past two years teaching Social Studies at Colorado Timberline Academy in Durango, Colorado. Emily completed her Master’s  in International Studies from The University of Denver in 2008, with a focus on Latin America and Human Geography. Her thesis, "Contra Su Voluntad: Indigenous Women's Health in Rural Peru" was published by the University of Denver's International Human Rights Advocacy Center.  In 2010 Emily co-founded Stand Up for Rivers, a non-profit organization of stand-up paddle boarders committed to river awareness and sustainability. Originally from Buffalo, NY, Emily can be found listening to records, seeing live music, acting in local theatre productions,  as well as  playing in the mountains on skis, skates, skate skis, feet,  or anything made from duct tape. Whatever the inspiration, chances are good that smiles abound. Emily is thrilled to be a part of the SBA community.