English Department

Department Chair: Joanne Knox

The Sugar Bowl Academy English curriculum is designed to introduce students to a range of literary traditions and genres, to teach students to communicate effectively, read analytically and think critically, to inspire a life-long appreciation for literature, reading and writing, and to nurture students' individual growth as writers, readers and thinkers. Through exposure and interaction with a multiplicity of literary genres and themes, students in the Sugar Bowl Academy English program gain a solid grounding in the historical development of literature while developing their writing and critical thinking skills. The curriculum is designed around specific literary periods in English, American and world history to provide students a lens through which to interpret the novels, poetry, short stories and drama that have shaped literary culture. In each Sugar Bowl Academy English class, students are immersed in a rigorous academic environment in which students are challenged to expand their literary horizons through extensive reading, writing and discussion.


2013-2014 English Department Scope & Sequence

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