Head Search

Search Committee Process

The staff and Board of Trustees are committed to a professional, transparent, and inclusive process. This page will provide updates on the Head of the Sugar Bowl Ski Team & Academy search, and will allow you to access past communication.

Search Committee Members
  • Kate Krehbiel, Co-Chair and Trustee
  • Jim Taylor, Co-Chair and Trustee
  • Carolyn Hamilton, SBA Parent
  • Eric Harlow, Dir. of Alpine Programs
  • Joanne Knox, Dir. of Academic Programs
  • Lisa Omar, Dir. of Outreach
  • Riley Plant, SBA Alumni
  • Dara Potter, SBST Parent
  • Steve Shray, Board Chair
  • Trevor Tanhoff, Dir. of Freeride Programs
  • Ambrose Tuscano, Teacher and Nordic Coach

head, sugar bowl ski team & academy job description

The mission of the Sugar Bowl Ski Team & Academy is to inspire and empower passionate and deeply committed student-athletes to seek and celebrate challenge with grit, grace and courage. The Head of the Sugar Bowl Ski Team & Academy (SBSTA) will be an outstanding and dynamic leader who can guide and further this mission with vision, strong leadership, and a determined, compassionate, and collaborative spirit.

The candidate will have a demonstrated track record of success throughout his or her career. He or she will possess the experience to direct a world-class ski program, a rigorous college preparatory academic program, and a vibrant and professionally run youth ski team.

The candidate will have shown a career path to leadership positions in both education and elite sports. Extensive experience in ski competition, coaching, teaching and administration in a boarding school environment are highly desirable.

Exceptional candidates will possess the temperament, personality, and skillsets that will lead SBSTA into the ranks of the leading ski academies and ski teams in the U.S. Our next leader will have the ability to communicate in a way that inspires, educates, and guides all stakeholders, both within and outside of our passionately committed community of teachers, coaches, and student-athletes and their families.

Leading by word and example, the Head will mentor a talented and experienced staff of teachers and coaches with an emphasis on collegiality, collaboration, and mutual respect and trust. He or she will guide the staff in navigating the often competing commitments of high-level sport and education on the path to achieving athletic and academic excellence for its student-athletes.

The Head is to actively champion and support our student-athletes’ transition into the leading colleges and universities across the country in pursuit of their academic and athletic goals and dreams. The successful candidate will also lead the nationwide and international recruitment efforts aimed at attracting the most talented, motivated, and mission-appropriate student-athletes to the SBSTA community.

The ability to direct and manage the day-to-day operations of a large and multifaceted organization is also a prerequisite for the Head. Business and financial management, budgeting, reporting expertise, and effective delegation are essential management skills possessed by the successful candidate. The ability to nurture and enhance our strong and long-standing partnership with Sugar Bowl Resort will be a cornerstone of success. Enthusiasm, effective relationship building, credibility and a proven track record in non-profit fund raising are also essential components of the job.

Beyond the focus on developing and maintaining outstanding academics and athletics, the successful candidate will have a demonstrated love of learning and take true joy in guiding the healthy development of youth and shaping the whole person during their formative years.

Finally, and of utmost importance, the next Head will nurture, through strong and deliberate leadership, as well as role modeling, a community that is driven by and clearly expresses essential values, attitudes, and priorities. The result of these efforts is to immerse the student-athletes, teachers, coaches, and families in a culture that will produce value-driven, deep thinking, civic-minded, responsible, and compassionate graduates who are prepared to make a significant contribution to the world beyond the SBSTA campus.

December Community Update

Dear SBSTA Community,

Happy December!  It was lovely to see so many of you at the first weekend of ski team.  We're looking forward to spending quality time, together, during the Holiday Break at Sugar Bowl.

The search committee has been diligently working to move candidates through the recruiting funnel and we'd like to take this opportunity to update you on our progress:

  • 10 applications received + screened by the Search Committee
  • Qualified candidate pool narrowed by leveraging a consistent evaluation model
  • 5 impressive candidates have gone through 3 rounds of phone screens with our Search Committee, focused on Leadership/Fundraising, Academics and Athletics
  • 4 candidates had a 4th round of deep dive conversations with a subset of the SBSTA Board of Trustees
  • Our next steps are to bring our final candidates on campus, for face-to-face interviews, in January

We are 100% committed to finding the best leader, who can undoubtedly propel SBSTA forward.  We look forward to sharing our next update with you in the New Year.

As always, if you have questions or concerns, please reach out to us!



Kate Krehbiel & Jim Taylor

Search Committee Chairs