iPad FAQs

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Does every teacher use iPads on a daily basis?

Most teachers will iPads on a frequent, but perhaps not daily basis. Our goal is to enhance the educational experience of our student-athletes while maintaining the instructional integrity of our curricula with iPads. Inevitably, different teachers will use the device with different frequency. Overtime, we do expect the device will become more widely used. Nonetheless, students will be expected to bring their iPads to school every day charged and ready to use.

How do iPads impact curriculum and instruction?

Sugar Bowl Academy values small class sizes and prioritizes face-to-face interactions between teachers and students whenever possible. The iPad is used to supplement, not supplant our already rich curriculum and instructional methods. That said, we anticipate that iPads will continue to provide us with increased opportunities to improve our distance learning practices for students traveling throughout the winter months and provide us with a single operating platform.

Is my child be expected to bring their iPad to school every day?

Yes, all students are expected to bring their iPads to school every day, charged, and ready to use.

Does my child still need his/her laptop or home computer?

The iPad is portable and provides immediate access to rich learning materials. However, students will still need a laptop or desktop computer at home or in the dormitory for longer writing assignments. Sugar Bowl Academy does have two desktop computers at the Old 40 site and two at the Academy site for student use. At times, teachers may request students bring their laptops, in addition to their iPads, to school.

Why is the cost of the iPad not built into my tuition?

We recognize that iPads are another cost incurred by Sugar Bowl Academy families. However, we’ve seen that pride of ownership results in more participation and responsibility for the care of devices than simply supplying devices to students. Additionally, we want to give families the freedom to select their preferred model.

Is financial assistance available?

Yes, families receiving financial aid from Sugar Bowl Academy may be eligible for assistance towards the purchase of their iPad. To apply for financial assistance, please submit your receipt(s) to the Assistant to the Head by August 20th.

What is the school’s policy for personal use of the iPad?

Like all mobile devices, the iPad is highly personal. What works for one individual may not work for another. Students will have to abide by Sugar Bowl Academy’s Acceptable Use Policy as outlined in the Student/Parent Handbook as well as the iPad Rules, but all students will have their own combination of apps for their classes, personal organization, and media usage. Students are welcome to put apps on their iPad, but may not fill its memory with non-academic content. Parents are encouraged to set ground rules and state engaged on their child’s iPad use.

Is an iPad required?

Yes, all students are required to bring a fully charged, ready to use iPad to school on a daily basis.

Will my child be expected to purchase iPad apps?

Sugar Bowl Academy will supply certain key apps to students at no additional cost. For certain classes, students will be required to purchase apps for use in those specific classes. Teachers will work to keep app costs to a minimum, but the costs will vary from students to student.

What about textbooks? Will my child be expected to purchase iPad textbooks?

As usual, students are required to purchase textbooks for their courses. Many, but not all, textbooks are now digital. The list of required textbooks will be published in mid-July and will specify either print or digital versions.

What if my child breaks or loses his/her iPad?

AppleCare+ (required by all students) provides repair or replacement coverage, both parts and labor, from Apple-authorized technicians. It covers up to two incidents of accidental damage from handling of an iPad, each subject to a $49 service feel. Students will be required to obtain a new iPad within three days of breakage. If a student loses his/her iPad, it will be the family’s responsibility to purchase a new one within one week of the loss.

How do I get an iPad? 

There are several ways to acquire an iPad. You may:

  • bring an iPad you already have (as long as it’s an iPad 2 or newer model)
  • buy an iPad with AppleCare+ through the Apple Store in Reno

SBA has negotiated a program through the Apple Store at the Summit Sierra Mall in Reno which will allow students to purchase their iPads at a slightly discounted rate through our business account. Purchasing an iPad through this Apple Store will also enable SBA to obtain additional credits and eventually, substantial business discounts. Please ask for Kendaal Strailey at (775) 333-5463 to place your order. 

Which iPad Does SBA Recommend?

During the 2013-20-14 school year, students may use any iPad 2 or new iPad model. The original iPad is not recommended. Our recommendation is the new iPad, WiFi-only, with 16GB of storage. Other features you may consider include:

  • the 4G/LTE models which provide convenient access “anytime, anywhere” (this does come at a higher costs and with an additional monthly service fee)
  • 32GB of storage may allow students to download and store movies, games, and other applications in addition to those required for school