Mathematics Department

Department Chair: Steve Ascher

The Sugar Bowl Academy Mathematics curriculum is designed to equip students to make connections between mathematical ideas, as well as between mathematics and other disciplines. It is the goal of the department to empower students to see themselves as mathematical thinkers and discoverers, and to prepare them to apply mathematical concepts to everyday life. Students are expected to develop fluency in basic computational skills and concepts. Over time, they become mathematical problem solvers who can recognize and solve routine problems and persist to reach a solution when no path is apparent. While using appropriate technological assistance, students gather and analyze data, form hypotheses and present results. Throughout the curriculum, students practice various methods of communicating mathematical ideas including verbal, graphical, numerical and algebraic. Courses utilize a collaborative approach to problem solving where students discuss, share ideas, justify and articulate their thinking with their peers. Upon graduation, students will be prepared not only to perform real-world mathematical calculations, but also to pursue mathematics at a collegiate level.


2013-2014 Mathematics Department Scope & Sequence

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