Biology Class Makes "Shark Tank" Pitches for Van Norden Meadow

ABC's "Shark Tank" offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their business ideas to a group of potential investors.  

Hiroki Tominaga, Sarah Barrett, Carly Gradeff, and Ryland Belisle make their case for selective logging of Van Norden Meadow before the Planning Commission

SBA's Biology students recently had their own "Shark Tank" experience, representing various competing interests seeking to exploit or protect the natural resources of nearby Van Norden Meadow. 

Dressed in role-play attire, student representatives of a hotel management group, an eco-friendly logging group, and a conservation group all made their cases to a panel of students acting as county planners charged with the meadow's management. Each group presented its plan for Van Norden Meadow and were subjected to cross examination by the county planning board.

Ian Osselaer, Julia Puchkov, Hannah Halvorsen, and J.P. Fourie make the case for the conservation of Van Norden Meadow

The planners  ultimately sold out to the hotel group, feeling that its proposal had the best balance of bringing jobs to the local economy in an ecologically sensitive manner.