SBA Breaks Ground on New Campus


On Sunday, September 30th Sugar Bowl Academy held an official groundbreaking ceremony for their new campus at Sugar Bowl Ski Resort.

Scheduled for completion in January 2014, Sugar Bowl Academy’s new campus project includes a new academic building housing eight classrooms (two of which will be science labs), administrative offices, and faculty workspace; and a new, co-ed, dormitory which will house 33 residential students and two faculty apartments. Additional features of the SBA’s new campus project will include a state of the art athletic facility in the heart of the Sugar Bowl Village - being developed in conjunction with Sugar Bowl Corporation - and the repurposing of SBA’s current classrooms into coaches offices and additional locker room space.

In a ceremony at the new site, SBSTF Executive Director, Bill Hudson, SBA Head of School, Tracy Keller, and SBSTF Board Chair, John Hommeyer, reflected upon the growth of Sugar Bowl Academy over the past 14 years and thanked long term supporters whose generosity has made the new campus possible.

Keller opened the ceremony with remarks about SBA’s founder, Tricia Hellman Gibbs, and her tireless work to get the school off the ground. In 1998, Gibbs did for west coast skiers what her father, Warren Hellman did for easterners when he opened Stratton Mountain School – provided an opportunity for passionate skiers to receive world-class athletic training while simultaneously getting an outstanding education.

Keller began by quoting Warren Hellman, who provided much of the early financial support for the Sugar Bowl Ski Team Foundation and Sugar Bowl Academy.

She said, "Warren considered our original site, now our Old 40 site, simply perfect for a fledgling ski academy. He once said, ‘This is perfect – humble and rustic. If the school is good, the facilities won’t matter. If the school is great, you’ll build a new campus someday.’ That someday is today."


Hudson and Hommeyer both reflected upon the success of current student-athletes and how the new campus will allow the school to continue to grow and provide the very best opportunities for graduates to succeed both academically and athletically at the highest levels. They also made a heartfelt thanks to the Hellman, Harleen, DiMarco, Hammarskjold, and Patterson families, whose leadership has made the project possible. As long time Sugar Bowl community members these families and are deeply committed to helping SBA develop outstanding individuals in the spirit of both Sugar Bowl and Donner Summit.

In closing, SBA senior, Charlie Klein thanked long time supporters and lead donors for giving him and his peers a one of a kind opportunity that allows them to succeed in every possible way. He concluded, "Although I will never be a student lucky enough to attend school on our new campus, I will always be lucky enough to say I went to Sugar Bowl Academy – and that is all the luck I’ll ever need."