SBA Volunteers Team with Trails and Vistas

Julia Puchkov leads a group of Tahoe-Truckee area third graders on a nature hike through Donner Memorial Park. 

Encouraging environmental stewardship at an early age in conjunction with local non-profit Trails and VistasSBA student-athletes  Pieter Weemaes, Daisy Schadlich, Julia Puchkov, and Bria Riggs volunteered recently with Tahoe-Truckee area third graders at Donner Memorial Park. SBA and Truckee High School volunteers led art and nature hikes through the park for groups of 20-28 children. 

"Our kids got an opportunity to interact with students from the local community and to be guide, leader, and teacher," said Biology teacher Andy Giordano. "They were really up front and center, and came away with a sense for what it’s like to teach a large group of children and connect them with their environment. The manager of Trails and Vistas was really impressed with our kids."