Co-Curricular Programs & Activities

Sugar Bowl Academy offers a variety of community building programs and activities throughout the year. While some programs are run by staff, many are student planned and executed. All are designed to be inclusive programs that foster strong and supportive relationships among and between students and staff. 



Sugar Bowl Academy's advisory program offers a structured curriculum to all students that integrates academic support, team-building, community involvement into the busy days of SBA student-athletes. Advisory groups are led by teachers and coaches who serve as students’ mentors, advocates and the primary link between home and school. Beyond the relationships students form with their advisor and peers, students participate in activities that create links to the school and the greater community.


All School Meetings

Once or twice per week, SBA students and staff gather together as a community for All School Meetings  (ASM) where announcements and presentations are made and school traditions are perpetuated. All School Meetings provide a forum for the sharing of ideas and information among students and staff and occasionally from guest speakers within the Tahoe-Truckee community. Additionally, students and staff are encouraged to host All School Meetings related to topics of personal or community interest.



Each spring, students are offered an opportunity to be a part of the annual spring drama production. In addition to the practical skills learned through discovering and developing acting skills, the drama program builds a feeling of community in the spring, promoting trust and cooperation among students. Plays are selected in mid-winter, and part sizes range from as little as 5 or 6 lines to 150 lines and everything in between. The production is a highlight of SBA's Year-End Celebration usually held the night before graduation.


Formal Dinners

Several times per year, students, staff and other individuals affiliated with Sugar Bowl Academy, including alumni, gather together in the Village Hall Great Room for formal dinners. On these nights, the Great Room is transformed into a fine dining establishment, students and staff dress in formal attire, and the occasion allows members of the SBA community to interact in a non-traditional setting. Dinner is typically accompanied by a presentation either led by students or staff. 


Lake Tahoe Century Ride 

Organized and executed by the 11th and 12th Grade Boys' Advisory, each spring students, staff and parents participate in the Lake Tahoe Century Ride, a 117-mile bike ride from SBA to Tahoe City, around Lake Tahoe and back to SBA. The bike ride serves as an amazing community building event as well as a fundraiser for both Sugar Bowl Academy and the World Bicycle Relief, a Chicago-based, non-profit organization dedicated to "providing access to independence and livelihood through The Power of Bicycles."

Model United Nations

A club originally founded by a member of the Class of 2013, Model UN is a student-centered, hands-on learning experience where students must work together and think on their feet to solve important global problems. SBA's Model UN club is extremely active during the fall term in preparation for the IMUNA Conference held annually in San Francisco each December. 



Sugar Bowl Academy values its setting in the heart of the Sierra Nevada mountain range and makes building knowledge of and an appreciation for nature a priority. Therefore, each academic year begins with a two-night, three-day overnight orientation program that provides the SBA community an opportunity to develop natural, personal relationships with one another. The setting for orientation trips, as well as the program, varies from year to year and have included Yosemite Valley, Lake Tahoe, Santa Cruz and the Foothills.


Place Based Learning (aka Trips) 

Experiential Education Trips are designed to ignite students' passions in a manner that would otherwise be impossible within the Sugar Bowl Academy curricula. Each spring, students, led by teams of two or three staff members, travel in small, mixed-age groups on five to six day educational adventures throughout the Western United States where they are let loose to "learn by doing." A continuing experiment in expanding the boundaries and possibilities of the Academy, the Trips' Program has two interrelated and primary purposes: to find new ways to foster joy in learning and engagement and to provide experiences and opportunities that may not routinely exist in the SBA curricula. All Trips engage the intellect as well as the physical and empathic dimensions of the human experience.


Student Government

Sugar Bowl Academy values input from all students and staff to create opportunities for growth. Therefore, students who are interested in leadership are encouraged to join the SBA Student Council. The Student Council typically sponsors talent shows, spirit weeks, holiday festivals, Break the Dress Code days and an annual gift to the graduating seniors.