Residential Life


The goal of the Sugar Bowl Academy residential life program is to create a living atmosphere that is like a "home away from home." SBA provides firm, yet caring around-the-clock supervision, and we are understanding of the challenges faced by adolescents who set high expectations for themselves.

Designed to encourage the academic and athletic success of residential students, SBA’s residential life program emphasizes respect for one’s self and others, cooperation, healthy relationships, trust and independence.  This framework also allows residents to develop personal responsibility with opportunities to exercise good judgment and manage their personal time.

The residential life program encourages students to have fun and experience life beyond Donner Summit. Annual weekend trips include whitewater rafting, camping or surfing in Santa Cruz while more regular activities include trips to Reno where students can see movies, play mini-golf, dine out or see a minor league baseball game. Evening and weekend activities at school have included Iron Chef cooking competitions, game nights and movie nights.

The small size and low staff-to-resident ratio of the residential life program allows each student to receive personalized attention on a daily basis. In the family-like atmosphere fostered in the dorm, residential staff members enjoy being a part of the development of student-athletes beyond the classroom and the hill-- and both residents and faculty thrive on the relationships that result. We don’t replace a student’s home life, but we are able to provide a safe, comfortable and nurturing atmosphere where student-athletes will succeed.

Good food is an important part of providing a comfortable atmosphere, especially for active athletes. Our full-time cooking staff takes pride in providing healthy and delicious food every day.

All residential staff members are teachers or coaches, and they have first-hand knowledge of the daily demands placed on residents.


Being a part of Residential Life at Sugar Bowl Academy is really an inspiring experience. We get to guide a great group of kids as they grow through their unique high school experience.
— Andy Giordano, Dean of Students, Teacher & Dorm Parent