SBSTA Preparation Period Projects


The objective of the projects offered is continuity throughout an athlete's program. The curriculum is a mixture of free-skiing, focused work on technique, drill/training courses and overall athletic development across four events. Efforts have been made to provide, not only more project opportunities, but more opportunities closer to the start of the ski season. They form a pathway as one project connects with the next, ultimately preparing each athlete for prime performance during the 2017-18 Competition Period. 

 All SBSTA projects strive to promote athletes' love and excitement for the sport of skiing while simultaneously instilling the principles of grit, grace, and courage. In addition to sport specific training, all SBSTA camps incorporate fun, skill-based adventures and events. For additional camp information contact Eric Harlow, Director of Alpine Programs.


Introductory Project
Open to passionate ski racers with a desire to improve their technical and tactical fundamentals in GS and SL. Project includes high level coaching with low athlete-to-coach ratio, daily video review, discipline specific progressions and timed training. Off-snow conditioning and recovery are also part of the daily program.
  • July 11 - 15, Mammoth, SL/GS, Birth year 2007 and older
Core Projects

Open to current, former, and prospective SBSTA athletes.

  • May 4th - 7th, Sugar Bowl Resort
  • Early / Middle of Aug - Late Aug / Early Sept, La Parva, Chile, Male birth year 2005 and older
  • Early / Middle of Aug - Late Aug / Early Sept, Mt Hutt, NZE, Female birth year 2005 and older
  • Early / Middle of Aug - Late Aug, Mt. Hutt, NZE, Birth year 2006 and younger
  • November 5 - 21, Colorado (Final Dates TBD: Based on SBA calendar)
  • November 16 - 21, Mammoth
Supplemental Projects
Open to current, former and prospective SBSTA athletes.
  • June 15 - 20, North Tahoe, SG/GS
  • July 17 - 22, Mammoth, SL
  • October 5 - 22, Europe, SL/GS, Watch Soelden WC (Final Dates TBD: Based on SBA calendar)


Non-refundable deposit is due six weeks prior to departure to secure your reservation. Payment in full must be received three weeks prior to departure. To cancel your camp reservation you must notify Eric Harlow and the SBSTA Business Office in writing prior to two weeks prior to departure. Cancellations will be handled on a case by case basis.  Please contact Eric Harlow with questions. 


Our camps are all inclusive except airfare, optional activities and food other than the regularly scheduled meals.  



All campers are expected to adhere to the code of conduct set forth by the Sugar Bowl Academy Student/Parent Handbook. All athletes are expected to be respectful and courteous to teammates, coaches, other campers and coaches, ski area personnel, lodging and food service employees, and airport officials.

Drugs, alcohol, lack of respect, dishonesty, and other substandard values are not tolerated. Boys are not permitted in girls’ rooms and vice versa. Any violation of the drug and alcohol policy or mixed genders in the same room will result in immediate dismissal from the camp at the athlete’s expense. Quiet time and lights out will be strictly enforced.


Medical issues/concerns

If athletes need to see a doctor, one of the coaches will take them to the hospital for medical attention. We will contact parents to inform them what is going on.