Social Science Department

Department Chair: Andy Knox 

The Social Science Department at Sugar Bowl Academy adheres to the mission of teaching students to use their minds well. A primary objective of the Department is to equip students with the tools needed to critically examine our past and to participate as citizens in a democratic society. Students have the opportunity to succeed in the analysis of complex historical sources, to become more sophisticated independent thinkers, and to depart with a well-rounded background in Economics, Geography, History and Political Science. In short, there is not an explicit effort on the part of the Department to address the minutiae left between isolated subject matter. Transitions are obviously necessary for the sake of clarity but the department has made an effort to privilege depth of coverage over breadth believing that superficial coverage of each "chapter" is not necessary for academic growth. The Social Science Department seeks out and takes advantage of cross-curricular bridges to connect with other academic disciplines to provide SBA students a deeper, more authentic understanding of phenomena and reasoning why cultures have developed as they have.


Social Sciences Department Scope & Sequence

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