Strength & Conditioning


Sugar Bowl Academy's comprehensive, year-round strength and conditioning program is built on the culture, community, and soul of the school. Founded on the premise of fostering grit, grace, and courage, the SBA strength and conditioning program develops student-athletes' strength, mental toughness, and the mind/body connection. 

The Sugar Bowl Academy conditioning program is built on a Flexible Periodization Model. This means that workout blocks to prep, build, peak and recover are cycled to work with student-athletes’ competition schedules and individual goals. The SBA training approach strives to unite on and off-snow physical training programs with good workout management, nutrition, and rest/recovery protocols. Our overall goal is to evolve the best method of training for each athlete, depending on their sport, age and goals, and to make sure that it integrates well with their academics. 

Sugar Bowl Academy student-athletes' nine workouts per week have made them stronger, quicker, more flexible, and excited about the incredible results they are seeing and feeling. Workout Blocks are typically 2 – 3 weeks in length with goals that are flexible and individualized for each athlete. General goals for each block include: 

  • Prep Blocks: Learn new movement patterns; review familiar movement patterns; focus on technique and biomechanics; build foundations of strength, endurance, agility, quickness, balance, stability, and flexibility; build steady state cardio base and introduce energy zone training.

  • Building Blocks: Increase strength and endurance intensity with more load; increase balance and agility and core stability challenges; increase cardio endurance with lactate threshold and anaerobic interval cardio sessions; lengthen core workouts and flexibility/recovery sessions; focus on correct energy output for stated goals.

  • Peaking Blocks: Peak strength and endurance with greater load/less volume; increase agility and power challenges; alternate easy cardio sessions with high-intensity energy zone training; focus on high levels of transfer before transitioning to on-snow training.

  • Recovery Blocks: Decrease total volume of strength and cardio training; focus on proper intensity and energy output; maintain core strength and flexibility with short, focused sessions; increase rest/recovery time whenever possible.

As we transition into on-snow training and competition, it is important for each athlete to maintain the fitness they have achieved throughout competition season. Workouts have been designed to meet the needs and schedules of athletes during training blocks at Sugar Bowl and while traveling to races and competitions. Hard work in the Performance Training Center has a direct transfer to great results on snow!

Additional Foci of the Strength & Conditioning Program:

Nutrition: Athletes learn how to fuel their bodies properly before/after workouts and during competition, good hydration habits, and overall healthy eating habits. Short sessions on nutrition are integrated into stretching/recovery sessions. Athletes are provided with samples of sport drinks and nutrition bars, and encouraged to eat correctly for optimal energy levels.

Rest/Recovery: Athletes learn how to make sure they are getting enough rest/sleep, as well as guided stretch and muscle recovery sessions after workouts. Sleep logs are being kept by each athlete in order for coaches to help monitor rest and recovery, as well as to adjust workout frequency and duration as necessary.

Correct Energy Output: Athletes learn how to “train smart” in order to maximize training outcomes and energy levels. Workouts are planned and cycled to avoid overloading the same energy systems and/or muscle groups every day. Goal Setting: Athletes set long and short-term goals that are realistic, and clear enough that they can reflect on them to help make time-management decisions.

Injury Prevention & Sport Psychology: Every athlete has ongoing appointments with Sarah Gley, our athletic trainer/physio, in order to assess their current physical condition and to deal with injuries, soreness, and flexibility/muscle balance issues. This appointment will transition to sport psychology sessions as the athletes transition to on-snow training and competition.

SBA's Strength & Conditioning Facilities:

SBA utilizes a 10,000 sq ft shared use facility called Sporthaus. The complete overhaul included a changed physical training environment, equipment and nutrition sponsorship/support, and a functional training methodology which aligns perfectly for team training, motivation and results. It continues today.

Current Tracking Methods:

  • Athlete History and Goals
  • Functional Fitness Assessments
  • Flexibility Assessments
  • Muscle Balance Assessments
  • Lactate Threshold Assessments
  • Workout Logs
  • Sleep and Nutrition Logs