Technology at SBA


Sugar Bowl Academy utilizes an array of technological resources to enhance students' learning experiences. Through the use of blended learning, flipped teaching models and a school-wide one-to-one iPad program, SBA is forging new dynamic and more efficient paths in learning.

iPads at SBA

Beginning in the 2012-13 school year, all students are required to bring a charged iPad with them to school on a daily basis. The iPad supports several school-wide instructional and institutional goals including:

  • ongoing improvements to the learning experience for each one of our student-athletes whether on-campus or off
  • streamlining our technologically platforms to promote interaction and communication between teachers and students
  • providing teachers with new instructional materials and ways to interact with students
  • reducing the physical load our students carry around the country with bulky textbooks which often contribute to extra baggage fees
  • reducing our carbon footprint by decreasing our use of paper textbooks and printouts


Get an iPad

During the 2016-2017 school year, all students will be required to have one of the following technological devices with them every day:

  1. iPad with a keyboard OR
  2. Both a laptop and an iOS (apple) mobile device. The apple mobile device could be an iPhone, an iPad mini, or an iPad.

A majority of our textbooks are digital editions that can be read on a number of mobile devices, though we do have a few courses in which we'll continue to use print editions.

Apps We're Using

  • Notability
  • iMovie
  • iBooks
  • Explain Everything
  • Quick Office Pro
  • Edmodo

Explain Everything is my favorite method of learning when outside of the Calculus classroom. Steve can record a lecture on a difficult topic and it is like I’m in the classroom learning, even when I’m in a different state.
— SBA Student