Visual and Performing Arts Electives


Digital Photography

This three-trimester sequential digital photography course offers students the opportunity to advance their skills beyond camera basics. Creating high quality images from high quality subjects can be a difficult and low success venture for the average camera owner. Students in this course will understand and use their digital camera to its highest potential, honing their ability to see photographically through pre-visualization, composition, depth of field and the role of light. Students will be exposed to Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop and will use these programs to create high quality prints for their student portfolios.  


Drama Production

Each spring, students are offered an opportunity to enroll in a drama class and be a part of the annual spring drama production. Plays are selected in mid-winter and part sizes range from as little as 5 or 6 lines to 150 lines and everything in between. All interested students are encouraged to sign up - it's guaranteed to be a great experience! 


Studio Art

In this three-trimester sequential course, students learn drawing techniques using pencil, charcoal, oil pastels and ink.  Students will explore drawing through perspective, shading and gridding.  Additionally, students paint with water colors or acrylics and begin working on 3D and digital design. Each project is designed around a specific theme and skill to help develop students’ techniques. Appreciation for art history and cultural activities is an integral component of this course. Students will complete one major piece each trimester in addition to several smaller projects.