Throughout the Sugar Bowl Ski Team & Academy's history, countless individuals have been incredibly generous with their time, energy and talents. Whether it's being a sweeper with our Mini and Mighty Mite programs or spending hours on the side of a hill gatekeeping, our organization couldn't do it without the support of our amazing families!

We hope you'll take a moment to familiarize yourself with some of our regular opportunities below. All families living within 500 miles, are expected to fulfill hours as part of enrollment.


If you're interested in helping out or have questions about the volunteer program, please contact us at 530.426-1844 or  admin@sbst.org.

Race Volunteer

A race volunteer is assigned a specific duty on the day of a race. It could include gate keeping (no prior experience needed), backup timing, or scoreboard recording, among other duties. You can participate in this opportunity even if you do not ski. This opportunity is available when Sugar Bowl is a host of Tahoe League, USSA or FIS alpine races, Freeride competitions, or Nordic races. 


Throughout the season SBA & SBST host a number of functions. We can always use help with set up and/or clean up before and after the events.  Set up could include decorating, moving furniture, organizing tables and setting the table for dinners. Clean up could include clearing dishes, rinsing dishes and breaking down the event decorations. 

Parent Sweeper

As a parent sweeper you will be helping our Mini Mite and Mighty Mite coaches with the safe loading and unloading of our athletes on the chairlift. You will also be a “caboose” while skiing with the group. This opportunity is available every scheduled ski team day.

Other Opportunities

Numerous other volunteer opportunities arise throughout the school year and often lend themselves nicely to individual skill sets. Occasionally, we ask families to help out with community events hosted at SBA, cover a shift in the dormitory, help with mailings or engage in facilities maintenance. 

PARENT association

The Sugar Bowl Ski Team & Academy Parents Association (PA) is the unified parent organization for the Ski Team & Academy. The purpose of the PA is to continue to strengthen our community ties by hosting social and informative events, showcasing students, teachers and coaches work and development, expressing appreciation for our community, particularly teachers and coaches and facilitating and fostering communication.  We provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and provide a platform for family involvement in the support of SBSTA events.

 The PA is supported with annual family dues of $75. This charge will appear on your SBSTA account. This money allows the PA to increase community involvement without fiscal impact on the Ski Team and Academy. If you have any questions about the Parents Association please email SBSTA’s Director of Outreach, Lisa Omar at lomar@sbst.org.

SBST Lunch Set Up and Clean Up

Set up and clean up for lunch happens every day that ski team is scheduled. The primary duty for lunch set up is to place tables and chairs in the Great Room of Village Hall. The primary duty for lunch clean up is to wipe down and put away all of the tables and chairs. Volunteers also need to vacuum and pick up all trash around the Great Room and return furniture to its place.