Sugar Bowl Academy's advisory program offers structured curriculum that integrates academic support, team building and community involvement into the busy schedules of its student-athletes. Each Advisory is led by 2-3 staff members who become mentors, advocates and the primary link between families and the school. Students develop supportive relationships with adults they trust, as well as with their peers. Advisory quickly becomes a safe space where students can try out new ideas and explore their own identities. In the process, they cultivate a sense of self -- academically, athletically, emotionally and socially. 

While each advisory group has its own mission and curriculum, advisory at SBA is based on five common pillars: 

  • Development and Maintenance of a Safe Environment
  • Responsible Citizenship
  • Inter-personal Skill Development
  • Intra-personal Skill Development
  • Life-long Learning

Beyond the relationships students form with their advisors and peers, students participate in activities that create links to the school and the greater community. Students spend part of their advisory time learning about and participating in local community or school-wide projects, such as fundraising initiatives for international organizations like the World Bicycle Relief or Free The Girls. Additionally, students engage in thoughtful - and often lively - discussions about national and world events. They learn to analyze the sources, share their thoughts, listen to others’ opinions and respect differing points of view.